We are all lobsters

The Lobster Collective was founded by Annabel and Claire (and supervised by Lottie the dachshund). We were introduced by chance and thrown together whilst delivering a challenging but amazing experiential event in Greece. From the first moment we worked together it became apparent that our skills, experience and personalities complimented each other superbly and enabled us to create some truly extraordinary moments.

Our career paths have been very different and have spanned a wealth of sectors including finance, personal shopping, interior decorating and fashion buying, merging into the formation of a creative agency driven by the love of art, design and culture.

And we continue to grow...

Relishing the challenge of each day throwing up something new, TLC is the core of a wider collective network of talented individuals each offering a different skill set. Throughout the years we have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing individuals who are capable of bringing our visions to life far beyond our expectations as well as introducing us to new ideas and concepts. These are the talents that make our events stand out, and we are proud to have forged relationships and friendships with some of the best across so many disciplines and industries.

Events don't have to be a waste

Whilst we absolutely love what we do, we struggle with the wasteful nature of our industry. We believe this can be changed and we work tirelessly to ensure that we do not add to the problem, but try to lead the way with the solution.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, working to ensure our choice of materials are the best possible for the environment, as do the amazing suppliers with whom we work.

We work with charities, artists and local communities to reuse, repurpose and redesign items at the end of every event. Whilst our events are a one off, our materials have many lives. Quality does not need to come at a cost to our future.



AKA Lulu Lobster / Lobster in Chief

Nothing gets by without her approval. Extremely high standards, extremely demanding and always hungry. But just try to say no...

Claire Charlton

Have you been yet??

Never one to miss an opening, Claire's love of research ensures that she is always in the know about everything going on in the fashion, restaurant, music and arts scene. A fashion buyer in her past life, she has an expansive network of suppliers worldwide and can source or produce even the most weird or wonderful requests. Her passion for culture and design guarantees that every last detail is always covered with a flourish.

Annabel Eclair-Heath


Never one to compromise, the best is not enough. An extensive and impressive career in events working with some of the best brands has taken her all over the world. With an obsession for design and travel influences there is not a detail that will be missed, nor an opportunity to make it bigger and better than you could imagine. You can rest assured the creative will have you dancing on the ceiling before the event even begins.

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